@Luko and @RyanQ   I've been informed by development that it is possible to enable logging for PDF export, which I've just done with another customer who was having the same issue. The log was showning that it is being caused by a specific font (at least in that customers case).

So could you follow these instructions for me to get a log from your export so we can look into fixing the bug and also hopefully provide you a way to work around the image! Create a folder called 'temp' on the root of your C:\ drive so you have folder at C:\Temp\ Run 'PDFLibLogging.reg' - this will create a registry entry that enables logging for PDF Export Run Affinity and export to PDF and then click OK to accept the error message. Go to C:\Temp\ and attach the newly created PDFlib.txt file to this thread - this is the log we're interested in seeing Once you've got that file run the 'PDFLibLoggingRemove.reg' to remove the logging as this can cause slowdown! PDFLibLogging.reg PDFLibLoggingRemove.reg