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I use Microsoft IME for inputting Japanese characters.  When I tried a test I found that I could not bold the Japanese characters.  I chose MS IME for Japanese, set the font to MS PMincho, selected text, typed in the characters I wanted (worked exactly as expected), tried to bold the character and bold was not enabled in AD.  Neither was Italics.  The underline function was present and works.


I use this IME regularly and all functions are implemented within other products, MS Word, Serif DrawPlus, etc.


I see from the language selections that you are aiming this at the Japanese market - this functionality might be important for fixing or implementing asap.


Thank you,


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Hi Bri-ko

Welcome to the forum and thanks for purchasing Affinity Designer! Currently we don't support synthesized fonts (a 'fake' version of the font when a physical Italic or Bold version doesn't exist) - I will get it reported to the developers. 

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