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There is one feature that is missing in Designer: Limitless Workspace.

Many of artists creates multiple samples of current design ( i.e. Logo, weblayout ) in one open file.

And i takes a lot of space.

Could you make a workspace similar to this in freeware InkScape, where there is a document area on workspace but whole - almost unlimited - workspace is avaliable for drawing, testing, and aside creating ?


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Thanks for a very quick answer!

I am new user - just bought a licence - so I am a little confused. :)

I saw that are two ways:

1) View->View Mode-> Clip to canvas = OFF

2) Artboards - but here everything outside artboard (on the pasteboard) is invisible when unselected - in help is written that should work like that.

EDIT: Sorry - is invisible only when object sharing space with artboard & pasteboard

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