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Hey guys, If you are fit in german or german based user, you can follow my channel on youtube, where I made tutorials for affinity now.


The first video was about how to start with APhoto




The second tutorial about RAW developing is online since few minutes.



Have fun and feel free to share your comments,likes and thoughts about it with me.


cheers, seb :)

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Dankööö :) 

Ein neues ist nun auch online




Grüße aus Berlin

just watched two new tutorials, generally really like them, the colour grading in the pano shot was really nice iMO.


but you always seem to do a merge visible before you sharpen

- you know that you can use a live filter layer and don´t need to do a merge visible?

this way you can always alter the setting (also the underlying settings) and get live rendering - non destructive 


keep it up!

cheers  :D



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Thanks MBd for your words.
Yes I allready know it, but I have to try it out on some pictures first, before I will get this as a hint to my users.
In my opinion its different to a merged layer, cause of cpu usage and the kind of math the sharpening is using. :)

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Yeah the cpu definitely is an issue but your pictures had not too many adjustments on them so it should work


I highly doubt that the math is any different


If you are below 100% zoom affinity will use a downsized preview though and thus the sharpening effect will look different at different zoom levels below 100%


This is true for all live filters





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