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[AD] Replace Symbols and improved Constraints

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Recently I stumbled upon the problem that I really needed to replace symbols with other symbols. I couldn't find such a feature unfortunately.


Also although constraints are great it's pretty limited. I can't enter number values but have to drag things around. There's also no option to remove all constraints properties form a selection.


What I really would wish for Affinity Designer is a more technical approach how UI Design works. Like I've seen in an other tool two layout modes would be great: Freeform and Computed. While freeform works like we know, computed elements would float left / top and collapse accordingly and would have a relation to each other (like when I resize a box above another box, the position of that box changes). Also defining relationships between elements like "this box always has a 20px top margin" would be awesome.


Would love to hear about your thoughts.

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