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Hello Guys,


A short introduction of myself as it is my first post here.

I life in germany and i am not a retouching or photography professional. I just do photography as a hobby and I am waiting for affinity photo (AP) for Windows since they announced the beta. Today I am using an old version of Adobe Photoshop Elements for retouching and Capture One 9 Pro (CO9) for Sony as my RAW Converter. 


You can easily edit your Image in Affinity Photo out of your Capture One Viewer


To edit a Image from CO9 first go to your Windows explorer. Right-click on a jpeg File, open with. Choose other app and search your AP folder. You should do this with a jpeg and a tiff document.  To edit a Image from CO9 in AP right click on the Picture in CO9 and choose edit with. In the following window click on Open with  and browse to you AP folder. AP will start. Make your Changes in AP and Save the file. Only save not save as. Back ip CO9 right click on the image and regenerate Preview. Now you should see your retouched image. If you don’t want to browse to your AP folder every time you want to use AP from CO9 the first step in windows explorer is necessary, otherwise CO9 can’t save the settings. I have testet jpg and tif. Both works fine in this combination. I hope this will help someone.  


I have the german versions of all programs installed, so I hope i have translated all step  to the english version of CO9 or Windows correctly.


This was tested with Capture One and affinity photo 


greetings GermanDennis

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Hi GermanDennis


Welcome to the forums. Thanks for letting us know about this, it's always nice to confirm the Affinity is playing nice with other apps, especially Photo as many have a multi-app workflow! Hope you keep enjoying the app, don't forget to let us know of any issue you find :) 

Serif Europe Ltd - Check the latest news at www.affinity.serif.com

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