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Leading control nonfunctional (w/ leading override=auto)

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AD 1.5.1


The paragraph leading control no longer functions correctly for both frame text and artistic text. This is not caused by incorrect setting of the leading override control as I have this set to auto (though changing the leading override control does work as expected). 


When selecting paragraph leading the text updates correctly when mousing over menu items, but when clicked the leading jumps back to its original value. 


Here is a screen capture demonstrating the problem: https://youtu.be/jX5JPzYvNIw


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Hi DavidRobertson,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

This was already fixed in the latest Affinity Designer 1.5.2 Beta 4. You can download it from here if you are willing to give it a try. Remember to keep the Mac App Store version installed since it's needed to validate/run the Beta. Alternatively you can way a couple more weeks for the next Mac App Store update (assuming everything goes according to the plans).

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