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Hey Hofnaar,


I've moved this to Feature Requests as it isn't an option at the moment. I believe I have asked the same question myself at some point. It is more likely to be picked up here :) Thanks! 

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Frequently I can't see the guides at all, mostly in light images. I can't imagine it's that hard to add simple customization for their color? That would be really great.

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I agree with Alex_M. Changing color of guides really improve funcionality. I think the best system of coloring guide has:



1. Using swatches / all available colors

2. Posibility define custom color with default changing color dialog

3. Negative guide - auto with posibility switch off - fx. white color on white color is reverse to black on part of image with white background


In my opinion subrequest 1 and 2 are in place "app has to use it". Option 3 should be detailly consider in all workflow. In some case automatically changing colors of guides are distracting and anoying.

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