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A Few Enhancements For Long Time DrawPlus Users

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I've been using the Affinity Designer. However, I still find myself missing some of the straightforward options in DrawPlus. First, I think an Undo button at the top would be nice instead of having to go to Edit on the menu bar. Second, I like the Color section. What I miss is the simplified Publication pallet for quick colors. 


That being said, I think this Affinity Designer is a great product. My comments were geared to the many DrawPlus users who will eventually have to make a switch. It seems like a lot of that program is in this new Designer. The color selections alone are very impressive. 


Where would I find information on how to use the layer functions in Affinity Designer?

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Hi geotev,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

Glad to know you're enjoying the program. Check this video about drop zones to learn how layers work in Designer.


Here's a few additional learning resources that may interest you:

- In-house Video Tutorials for Affinity Designer 
- The Affinity Help (menu Help ▸ Affinity Designer Help) covers extensively all the features of the each program, don’t overlook it.
- There's an official Affinity Designer Workbook available. More info about it here.
- I’ve also compiled a list of additional learning resources here, including Books, Training Courses and Third-party tutorials that may help.

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