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What Photoshop Plugins will work with Affinity Photo Beta

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Hi Mike Hardisty,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

Photoshop plugin support is still being worked on (for both platforms) so there's still issues with some of them.

Photoshop Extensions will not work since they rely on Photoshop specific features to function.

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Just to take this topic a little further...!


I have a number of plugins, including NeatImage, PhotoWiz collection, Topaz, etc., etc. working in PhotoPlus X8 and I simply added their current folder location to the screen in AP preferences and they all became available in AP.  I have not yet had opportunity to test them - quite a number are listed as "unknown" - but so far all seem to work as expected, even at least some of the "unknowns", and considerably faster than they do in PhP X8 64 bit.

Win 10 Pro, i7 6700K, 32Gb RAM, AMD Radeon R7 360 and Intel HD530 Graphics

Long-time user of Serif products, chiefly PagePlus and PhotoPlus, but also WebPlus, CraftArtistProfessional and DrawPlus.  Delighted to be using Affinity Designer, Photo, and now Publisher.

iPad Pro (11") running Affinity Photo and Designer (iOS 14.5)

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So far, once I figured out that they wouldn't work on CR2/ORF/RAW or other raw files, I exported image as a JPG.  So far, I have gotten good results with Nik Viveza 2, Define 2, Color Efex Pro 4, HDR Efex Pro 2, Silver Efex Pro 2, Topaz Labs, and Focus Magic.  Alien Skin plugins have issues with Pixel transparency, Piccure and Piccure Plus just don't start, and neither do Redfield plugins.


Now I know that many of these haven't been tested by Affinity programmers, but I thought I would give them a try.


Overall, I am rather impressed.



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Tested some other plugins - PTLens Correction by PaperPress, causes the program to shut down without an error message. Same applies to DxO ViewPoint2 and FilmPack. Anthropics Tech Portrait Professional works.


A few follow ups about NIK software;  Yes, it does work, with a few caveats.  You lose the Brush features with Viveza and Define.  You also can't 'save recipes' with ColorEfex Pro 4.  Also, with Viveza 2,  the colors of your image in the 'preview' window won't look correct on the entire image, unless you zoom to at least 33%, but are correct in the 'thumbnail' window.  There are known 'glitches' when NIK is used with other 'non-Adobe' photo editors.

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The major problem here is that Photo doesn't seem to allow RGB 16bit to be passed to Photoshop Plugins but, to add to the list of Plugins working, all plugins from Topaz Labs work with the exception of ReMask.

Win 10 x64 System with Intuos Pen & Touch
 - Sys : Intel® Core™ i7-7700HQ CPU @ 2.80GHz (8 CPUs), 16GB RAM
 - GPU 1: Intel HD Graphics 630, GPU 2: NVIDIA GTX1050, 4GB

iPad (8th Gen) 2020


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In the (my) other thread it was thought (by a developer I believe from Affinity) that the 16bit thing is a bug. Only some plugins work, but none seem to work in 16bit for now (even the whitelisted stuff like Color Effex). They're surely working on it.


Note that you need to add your plugins folder to the preferences (edit -> preferences -> photoshop plugins) and then restart Affinity for Photoshop plugins to appear in the filter->plugins menu.

No plugins folder was added during installation so none appeared out-of-the-box, needed to add the plugins folder by hand.

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You can convert your document to RGBA8 by going to Document > Colour Format > RGB (8 bit).

The plugins enable and disable themselves, so in this instance, it seems some filters in the Nik Collection don't support 16 bit images.



it seems to be a problem with this beta of Photo. All filters of Nik Collection work fine with a 16 bits image. Its correct with the mac beta and under Windows, its correct with other bitmap editors like Photoshop CS6.




ColorEfex with the Mac beta version.

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I have these errors when I try Topaz Adjust5:


The first time I try I get "Error: cannot read common runtime path registry."

The second it is "IPC memory in use or image size is too big for the system."


I certainly hope you can make it work.



May the light be with you!


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These are the plugins that I have found to work so far with Affinity Photo. The image must be in 8 bit mode

​From the Google NIK Collection

​Analog Efex
Color Efex
​Dfine 2
Sharpener Pro
​Silver Efex
HDR Efex

​Viveza crashes Affinity Photo as soon as you add a Control Point.

​From the Topaz Collection


Texture Effects


B+W Effects
Lens Effects
​Star Effects

​ReMask gives a message about unlocking transparency first so I need to investigate that more.

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Hi all,

I would like to add to the plugin discussion (German version of Affinitiy installed on W7x64).


Besides the Nik collection and Topaz Adjust and Clarity I have installed Athentech's 'Perfectly Clear Complete'. It's working fine with PhotoPlus X8 - as well as with PSE14 and PSP X9 -, but it doesn't with Affinity. On starting Perfectly Clear, the Plugin window opens but doesn't show the photo I'm working on. Instead it shows a blank, single-coloured area. The colour of that area will change with the photo that I'm just working on.


Any other experience with this plugin ?

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