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[AP] and [AD] Pressure sensitivity issues

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Hi, I'm using Sierra with a Wacom Intuos 4 medium. There is something going on with the pressure sensitivity in AP. There may bea second issue that affects both AP and AD but I'm not very clear about it.



1) [only AP] The first issue that I notice is that when you tap without dragging, AP will draw a dot with a very large radius (would say around 3/4 of the max radius), disproportionate to the actual pressure applied. This is particularly evident if you try to draw lightly with the stylus barely touching (<10% pressure); whenever it loses and momentarily regains contact with the tablet surface it draws blobs like ink spill as seen in the image blow and demonstrated in the 1st video linked at the end.



2) [both AP and AD] I'm not 100% sure about this one (maybe it's in my mind), but I have the impression that the minimum pressure range but also the maximum pressure range that AP and AD read are capped compared to what my tablet will output (as seen in the drivers' test area) or CSP (Clip Studio Paint) will utilize.  It's definitely not a bid deal, but I thought I should report it nonetheless.


Video demonstration

I've linked 3 video files:

1) The 1st shows drawing a stroke alternating between using minimum pressure for a few seconds, and then max pressure a few more as seen in the Test Area in [system Preferences] -> [Wacom] -> [Customize...]. After that it goes on showing how the same exact pattern appears in Affinity Photo (while on the right you can see the diagnostics of the tablet showing the actual pressure).


(AP is creating these unpleasant circles)


2) The 2nd video shows how this appears in Affinity Designer


(just fine!)


3) and the 3rd one how it is in Clip Studio Paint (manga studio).


(notice how the thinnest stroke in CSP is thinner than the thinnest in AP and the thickest is thicker)


All 3 programs, and the wacom driver have been set up with linear pressure response, starting from 0. Notice that by default the wacom driver doesn't start from zero as seen in the image below.



Hope these help!


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