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Ghost Preview: Publisher

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One feature I use extensively with InDesign is the overall graphic preview while resizing an image frame which is very useful for knowing on the fly how much to shrink or expand the frame or to get an idea of how much clipping is on the image without having to resize everything out. It works by holding down the handles a second longer to activate that mode.


Has something like this already been considered for Publisher? If not, I'd like to at least put it out there as a possible feature that I know many would love.  




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I agree – a fantastic feature.


Quark Express does the same thing, but it's not an option – it instantly does it the moment you resize the frame. 


To really knock this feature out the park, can you give us the option in the preferences to define the opacity of the cropped image? (I'd like it really light when working on a white page, but quite strong if I'm on something complex like a layered collage or a black background.)

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