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I have to wonder why such a great tool, which is perfect for using on things like logos, isn't in the Designer app and only in the Photo app, it seems to me at least, the perspective tool is all designer needs to be the perfect app.


Is there any chance it could be packaged with Designer in the next update?

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Hi Tone, 

There's already a warp/mesh distort tool planned for Designer (check Designer's roadmap).

I believe we will have a Perspective distortion tool at some point too. There's no eta for neither of them so i don't know when they will become available.

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Affinity Designer certainly does need a Perspective Tool, and, as MEB has pointed out, a Mesh Warp/Distort Tool is on the roadmap (so it will be added in 1.x rather than our having to wait until 2.x) but I disagree that that's all Designer needs. At a minimum we also need a Blend Tool and a Knife Tool, and I'd like to see a Glyph Panel for easier input of characters which are not directly available via the keyboard.

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Hi everyone,


I am new to this software and forum. I was looking at the Perspective tool in the photo app and it is not really a perspective tool from what I can see. A proper perspective tool uses mathematical calculations. For example, I have a cityscape and the buildings are leaning slightly inwards from tilting the camera upward. A proper perspective tool will make the buildings taller as they straighten vertically to correct "perspective". Either I am doing something wrong or the Perspective tool in the photo app merely distorts an image by dragging corner nodes of a grid? That is not perspective correction... that is a "distort the image and take a guess as to how it should look" tool. This tool relies on the user dragging each top corner node outwards to straighten the buildings vertically (guessing by eye) and also expects the user to pull the nodes upwards (again guessing by eye) to keep the real shape of the buildings or they end up too short for their widths. To make matters worse, as you drag a corner node the entire grid warps so that you can't even use the grid a as a reference to see if the buildings are actually vertical. Trying to judge by eye whether or not the buildings are parallel to the edges of the image itself while being mesmerised by a load of leaning grid lines is both inaccurate and insane.


It would be great to have a proper perspective tool as this is a very used tool by photographers.

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