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Cut marks when printing multiple artboards on one page

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I am creating stickers to make a few product samples. I will print on transparent adhesive foils, cut the stickers out and stick them on the boxes.


2 stickers fit on one A4 page, so I created a file with two artboards.


When printing, I select "whole document", which seems to produce what I need. But it does not create the cut marks corresponding to the artboards. Instead, it only prints cut marks at the circumference of both items, but not for each of the artboards.


This does not make sense to me, because, given I choose to print all artboards and to print cut marks, I would assume that cut marks are printed for each artboard. Analogously to properties like bleeding that are specified for each artboard, I would assume that each artboard also has its cut marks.


Attached is a screenshot of the print preview, showing the black cut marks. In red, I sketched the missing cut marks that I need.


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Hi p10n,


The printing of multiple artboards is something that is being improved during the development. In the meantime, if you export as PDF (File > Export) select the More button and enable Crop Marks you'll get the marks you need on each artboard. You can then print from your PDF viewer.

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I was looking for a solution to this today as I need to do something similar, the difference being that each Artboard is one side of a double sided print (these are clothing hangtags).

Unfortunately when exporting each Artboard to it's own page of a pdf it becomes a real task to align the front/back artwork for each hangtag when aiming to print multiple hagtags per page (more efficient use of paper than printing one hangtag per A4 page).

Has anyone had any success with anything like this? The only thing I can think to do is to create an A4 Artboard and add each hangtag artwork to the page (positioned for double sided printing) and manually add bleed/crop marks.

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