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MBd - Are you trying to apply one channel to itself, using the same layer as the source and destination?  I'm not sure that will do anything- it will simply replace, for example, the RED channel with the RED channel (DR = SR).


I use Apply Image in PS to apply channel data to masks, for example.  In AP - let's say I want to make a curves adjustment, but make the adjustment layer act through a mask from the background red channel.  I would create a curves adjustment layer above the background and make it active.  Add a mask and select the mask - this makes the mask for the curve layer the Destination.  Then do Filters > Apply Image and drag the background layer onto the dialog window - this makes the Background layer the Source.


Now enter "DR = SR" - this makes the mask formed by the RED channel of the background layer.




Maybe you can describe the context in which you are trying to use Apply Image.  I'll try my best to see if I can figure it out.



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OK, apologies if this isn't what you're after, but I think this should do it:


  1. Apply Image, Use Current Layer As Source, set your desired blend mode.
  2. Let's say we only want to manipulate the Blue channel.
  3. Set the following:
    1. DR = DR
    2. DG = DG
    3. DB = SB/DG (do whatever you require to the channel here)


This should work, you can scrub through the blend modes and see that the other channels are unaffected. So you essentially leave the other channels alone by setting them to the destination channels (therefore the blend mode isn't applied to them).


Hope that's it!

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