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In working on text and graphics on a complex geology map I quickly go back and forth between graphics and text. Many thanks for adopting my earlier suggestion to make the Frame Text tool much easier to work with. I now have a request for exiting the Artistic Text tool.


Here is how I quickly work using keyboard shortcut "s" for the move tool, "d" for the node tool and  "c" for the pen tool. Thus my left hand can get the tool I need without moving around the keyboard. Meanwhile my right hand always stays with the mouse. When working in a text I can quickly click outside of a frame text without initiating a new frame text, then with my left hand chose one of the above shortcuts. However, when clicking outside an artistic text things get more complicated. Unless stopping and paying very careful attention while pressing one of my above shortcuts I can easily make a mistake and create a new artistic text. One must be very careful to note if one has selected a *line* with a text on it, or if one is inside the text itself. In the former case, clicking outside this selection does not activate a new artistic text, but in the latter case clicking outside does. This is confusing, or it at least increases the potential of making a mistake and then having to back up. Thus my request.


It there anyway to program AD so that clicking outside the actual artistic text on which one is working would guarantee that a new artistic text is not created? Seldom, if ever, do I want to do go directly from editing an artistic text to creating a new artistic text. Thus I wish that creating a new artistic text were not so automatic. I would find it much more useful if clicking outside the artistic text would take me to the Move tool or the Node tool since I almost always want to adjust something with those tools. Perhaps one click would allow one to exit the Artistic Text tool and two clicks would remain in Artistic Text tool.


Yes, I know I should work more slowly, stop and make a concerted effort to see just where I am (inside a text of just on a line of a text). However, since you have made the exit from the Frame Text tool to one of my shortcuts so easy, I now wish that there might be a similar solution for exiting the Artistic Text tool. Thanks for at least considering this.

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