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Layers Palette Thumbnails and Icons

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I find the thumbnails in the layers palette very useful. However, the thumbnails in Affinity present a number of difficulties for me. 


The idea of using a different background colour for image and mask or adjustment is a good one, but the black background can be a real visibility problem when working with dark objects. With a pale grey this might work better. Obviously any colour is going to conflict with some layer content but I find the black very hard to read indeed.


The thumbnails are quite modest and in the case of masks, adjustments etc. are also occupied by a quite large and very distracting function icon making the contents very hard to read sometimes. Could these icons be made much, much more discreet or, even better, moved outside the thumbnail and placed immediately beside it, before the name and description? I think this would be a huge improvement in legibility.



In an ideal world I would love to see a palette option that allows us a choice of thumbnail sizes.


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Thinking about this more my suggestion only really works when a layer and its children is expanded. In other words when closed with all the children or clips in a row the icons can really only reside in the thumbnails otherwise it simply extends the row too much.


But when expanded, with all the children or clips shown stacked one above the other, then I think moving the icon outside the thumbnail would be a great advantage in legibility.

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