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Persistent tagging in photos

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Hi all,


I realise the question is asked before and that Affinity is working on asset-management software, but still I'm hoping anyone can help me with my workflow in the meantime.  :D


I import and organise my photos manually (folder structure: year/location/event). I do this because I've switched photo-management software a couple times (iPhoto, Picasa, Aperture, Bridge) and learned the hard way that it's better to have a structure I understand.

That being said, I would love to be able to tag my photos (star them, or just on/off selection) with an easy to use system that is persistent across different backups (external harddrives, dropbox) and photo-management softwares.


My ideal workflow:

- manually import and structure photos

- go through them in a nice interface and tag them "keep", "throw away", "awesome" (or going slightly further: "landscapes", "family", "cat")


Is there a way to easily and persistently tag photos like this?


I've had the problem in the past that my photo-library got corrupted and all my tagging was lost after switching to a backup-harddrive.


(I've written my own software, which creates a 'selection' file with photo filenames in it, which has the added benefit of being able to do terminal operations, but the software is quite buggy and of course no other software understands the 'selection' file :P)

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I use Lightroom to organize my photos. Keywords are of course essential. I would too be interested if there were any robust way to save keywords/tags so that they would be generally accessible. LR refuses to write keywords to RAW as it thinks RAW is sacred and should not be altered; I think meta should be accessible to adjustment like just adding tags.


In OSX Finder can find both keywords (EXIF) and tags (Finder keywords).

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