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[Fixed] Crash When Renaming Subcategory in Assets Panel

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I'm getting a crash relatively consistently when I attempt to rename a new subcategory in the assets panel. Here's my process:


1. Open assets panel

2. Navigate to my set of assets

3. Create a new subcategory

4. Click rename

5. Type out the new name

6. Hit enter, crashes


When I restart the application, the name is updated correctly. I'm running the most recent version of Affinity (1.5) and Mac OS Sierra on a 2014(?) 8gb SSD MacBook pro if that helps. Thanks guys and keep up the good work! Version 1.5 is amazing so far. 

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Hi trey.hakanson,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

This is already fixed in the latest Beta (Designer 1.5.2 Beta 3) which you can download from here in case you want to try it. Just remember to keep the Mac App Store version installed since its needed to validate/run the Beta. Alternatively you can wait a little more for the next Mac App Store update.

I'm marking/closing this thread as Bug Fixed.

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