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Create Guides from shapes

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Before doing any layout job, I always create very detailed guides grid that margins and columns just don't allow. A simple example is a DL leaflet. Using strokes, I create:

  • Fold guides
  • page margins
  • panel margins
  • top of paragraph guides


I select all and paste them onto a second, third fourth artboards for consistancy


I then select them all and convert to guides.


I can't leave them as strokes because as guides they are:

  • Non-printing
  • Easy to hide/reveal with keyboard shortcuts
  • Snappable (Is that a word? I can snap to them)



If I try do this with regular ruler guides, the guides only display on the selected artboard. TIt's a fight to get them nicely positioned since I find when I drag them onto the artboard, they snap to guides on other artboards – even though I can't see them.


Attached is a screenshot showing my preferred set up versus what I currently have to do.


Even if my workflow is rare, the addition of this feature allows for creating diagonal guides, curved guides, short guides and a general ability to copy-n-paste guides onto other artboards and even other documents. All are super useful.




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However, I realise that using my own argument in another thread (view here), I shouldn't actually be using Designer to do a flyer layout – I should be using Publisher, so creating advanced guide layouts shouldn't really be a feature request at this stage.


Of course, if Publisher doesn't deliver advanced guides like I need, I'll repost my feature request.



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+1 Yes, we need this feature.
I'm old-school. I used to work with Macromedia Freehand, which already had this feature back in 2003... Yes, That's over 16 years ago. And the way it worked was brilliantly simple: All guides were automatically put on a special 'guides' layer. All you needed to do to convert an object to a guide was to move the object to the guides layer. Quick, simple, no hassle and a very useful feature.

Personally I don't like Illustrator (the last version of Freehand - v11 - hasn't been updated since 2004 and is still better and faster than recent versions of illustrator.

I purchased Affinity Designer 2 days ago, but the lack of this feature is a bit disappointing.



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