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Main menu does not respect the system locale

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I'm using OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 with Japanese as the primary language, but have chosen English UI for Affinity Designer (i.e. Preferences->General->Language is English).


Under this environment, when I save an .afdesign file with a name which includes Japanese characters, File->Open Recent menu shows the filename using Chinese font by some reason.


I believe the main menu font should respect the system locale.



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Hi clint_k


I've tried to replicate your set-up but I don't seem to be getting this. I'm not at all familiar with Japanese, but the characters I typed in when saving the document are the ones that appear in the open recent menu. The apps menus honour whatever the language the app is set to, and the items in open recent menu honours whatever the file name is regardless or app language or system locale. I'm not really sure what you are expecting to see here. If you can provide any more information or any screenshots to help explain that might go a long way



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Please look at the screenshots.

It might be difficult to distinguish for non Japanese or Chinese native people, but they are definitely different glyphs.

it is still readable, however, because CJK characters are 'unified' in Unicode.


I also found that the 'Open...' dialog has the same issue as this.





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