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has anyone got the vecgtor brush tool size and opacity variance to work?

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Is anyone else having issues editing the size and opacity variance  in the vector brush editing tab? I use the vector brush and it lays down the stroke fine. I try to edit it in the Brush Editing menu and when I make changes to the size variance and opacity variance it shows up fine in the preview box above the sliders but the changes don't happen to the brush stroke on the page. I posed this question before and someone from Serif said I must be using the pen or pencil tool, which won't work ( I wasn't using either one by the way). I have tried this 20 times with the vector brush tool and still nothing.


I don't know if this is connected or not but "open recent" under the "file" menu is always blank even though I have done several projects with the program. Do I have a setting somewhere set wrong? It just seems that the program isn't operating quite right.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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