Thanks for your comments. I have to say that making a clone of InDesign is not our goal; we have our own vision. Also, our plan is to release Publisher as soon as it has enough to be useful to someone. We won't wait until it can do everything InDesign can do and more. As a result, you can expect the first version to be quite basic. In the same way that Designer is still missing things like arrow heads which are crucial to some people, Publisher will be missing features that some of you will need. I don't want you to think we are already sitting on a basic Publisher and not releasing it because we want to add more advanced features first.   Publisher is delayed simply because it is taking us longer than we expected. I can't say too much about what we have and haven't done, but here's an example: text styles are a crucial Publisher feature, and the reason they are in Designer 1.5 and not earlier is because they weren't developed earlier. In general, when we have a Publisher feature complete that we think also belongs in Designer, we'll include it in Designer as soon as it is ready. (The caveat is that there are some features we know you'd like to see in Designer, that we don't think belong in it.)   I'm sorry it is taking so long, and I'm especially sorry that our past timelines for Publisher were so wildly optimistic. Our original vision of three apps all sharing a file format and a common way of working, was something we were very excited about. That exuberance spilled into some fairly delirious announced schedules. We will get there. We're still excited about the vision and determined to bring it about, just as soon as we can.