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How to open photos from the Photo App on Mac or iMac

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Hi All,

I'm a complete and utter newby, just downloaded Affinity Photo unto my iMac, which is running Sierra. In the reviews of Affinity Photo, it clearly states that it is possible to do several editing chores on images located in the Photo App on a Mac.

I have tried for over an hour now, and can't find any photos. The Photo App icon is greyed out.


I also use Photoscape, which shows my directory, and has allowed me to access my photos.


Is there a way inside Affinity Photo to open your directories to get at images in the Photo App on my iMac?


Any help gratefully appreciated.


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I am a newbie too, Mike---only a few days now using Affinity.  To open a photo inside  Affinity, go to File>Open in the menu, find  the image you want to edit in the displayed files, click on it and it will open in Affinity.   I also just found out, from the great support staff here, that you can download a little External Editors app from the Mac Store, which will let you open into Affinity from within Photos.  This External Editors feature will appear in Photos in  Edit  under Extensions, below the other extensions you will have available  in your Photos app after you've run Affinity once. There's a little tutorial about these. They are handy for quick and simple adjustments in Photos. 

I've had some experience with Photoshop Elements, but nothing as complex as Affinity, but I'm finding that the forum moderators respond really quickly to questions, and there are dozens  of very straightforward tutorials for beginners like me as well as more advanced users. 

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