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An odd problem cropped up yesterday. I needed to copy a bunch of nine adjustment layers from one pixel layer to another. 

Easy I thought - just group select them and copy paste to the new pixel layer. I found to my surprise that I could find no way of group selecting masks and adjustments etc. on their own without the image layer. In the end I had to do the operation on a layer by layer basis.


Am I missing something here?

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The post above was made four days ago and had 45 views with not one hint of a reply. I am a little surprised - it seemed such a simple and basic question.


So, is it so simple and puerile that it doesn't merit an answer ........ or doesn't anybody have one?  ;)


I really would like to know how to do this.



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Hi DavidMac,

Sorry for the delay.

You probably had the adjustments nested to the pixel layer as children which means you can only select them one at a time clicking on their thumbnails.

To do what you want you need to have the adjustments "clipped" to the Pixel layer, that is, dragged over the pixel layer rather than over the pixel layer's thumbnail (which are two different things). Check the screenshot below. The first three adjustments are nested/children of the pixel layer, while the fourth is clipped. All will collapse under the Pixel layer but they were "attached" in different ways. The first three were dragged over the thumbnail on the pixel layer, while the fourth was dragged over the pixel layer (not its thumbnail).




You can only select multiple adjustments if they are clipped to the pixel layer. So in my screenshot you are not able to select the first three simultaneously for example.

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Ok that's absolutely clear.

I find it a little odd that one needs to this as (unless I am doing things wrong) most adjustments and so forth are normally applied as children.

One for the wish list?


Thanks Miguel.

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