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M. Höhne

Grade UI Kit unzipping is failing

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I was eager to upgrade to Designer 1.5 and get the Grade UI Kit and it went pretty well. But when I double-click the zip file I get

"Unable to expand "[the file]" into "[where ever I have located it; I tried several locations]".

(Error 2 - No such file or directory.)


So, have you hard-coded the location into the zip file or must I try to do troubleshooting on my own operating system (Yosemite)? 


Thanks for all your work and help!


M. H.

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Hi M. Höhne


Welcome to the forums.


The file will extract in the same location as the zip file, can you confirm the size of the zip file, have you tried downloading it again?

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It is possible you have an Archives item in System Preferences.


There used to be an app in /System/Library/CoreServices/ called Archive Utility.app with a 'secret' way to enable the Archives preference pane. The app is no longer a part of OS X but if you enabled the preference pane from an earlier OS X version, it may still be there, & depending on its settings, may be set to expand zip files into a directory that no longer exists.


If so, before you delete the preference pane if you decide to do that, reset it to expand & save into the same directory as the zip file (two settings). Otherwise, make sure the settings point to an existing directory.

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@R C-R   >  Very interesting. Thank you. But neither my Sys 10.10 nor 10.8.5 have that Archive Utility app. And another interesting thing is that all the other zip files unzip just fine. This is the first such problem I have had in years.


@ Lee D  >  I get the same error where ever I have put the zip file--Downloads, Desktop, an ad hoc folder I made up, and Applications. Same result with each of the three different downloads I got. But here's the weird thing--the sizes!


1st download is   3,864,207 bytes

2nd download is   34,589,327 bytes 

3rd download is   16,494,223 bytes

4th download is   3,185,295 bytes


None of them gave any error and they all look completely normal if you don't consider the sizes.


I'm more puzzled than ever. Now I seem to have two problems.


Thanks, Guys!

== M. H.

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