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Yes, please! Particularly needed for upsizing the canvas from centre without going into dialogues or calculating pixels. So you have an image, hit crop tool, set an aspect ratio (I do this a lot for a news site, processing upwards of hundred images at a time) and then want to drag out while keeping the original image in the centre.


Edit: added a couple of GIFs to show workflow I'm talking about. See how it's neat and simple and it snaps in Photoshop and in Affinity it's kind of a messy process - crop doesn't snap to image height, there's more manual moving about and the image doesn't end up in the centre (I know I could switch to select tool, select layer then use centre button, but that's more hoops to jump through).


l0HlRwGrDK3ogeNVu.gif 3o6ZsVcyk23CbDzyak.gif

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Even tough it is possible to set the Crop Mode to "Original Ratio" it would be useful if the ratio would be kept when holding down Shift while dragging. In 99,9 % of all cases I want to keep the ratio. Setting the Crop Mode every time I use the tool is very tedious. Another way would be to set use "Original Ratio" by default — but this may break the workflow of other people.

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Hey Eldorado,

Welcome to the Affinity Forums :)

I don't see why we couldn't do this. The 'Mode' could be changed as a default but a shortcut would also be helpful. Hopefully development will take a look at this thread and take some things into consideration as there are some good suggestions in here. 

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Ehh - I don't understand.

Why this elementary feature as proportional croping is missing from so called "best of the best" photoediting software. Developers, please examine how PhotoImpact (rest in peace): makes crops. Even percpective crop from PhotoImpact is a beast, not seen elsewhere. I truly wanted to start using Inffinity Photo as there is some good features that are missing in PhotoImpact as it is a very old and not in development anymore, but I gladly use it instead Affinity as I can get results more quickly. Very sad.

Please make my days brighter and make at least functional proportional crop and even perspective croping. It's huge selling argument, i think.

Question is - whom you make this programm - for yourself or others. If for yourself, then I understand and appologise for bothering, but if for others, then quik and simple proportional croping is something that we need in everyday life and perspective croping is must be for them who take photos from plane objects. Thanks.

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