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Global / Shared Symbols

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Forgive me if this has already been asked. I didn't quite see the exact suggestion I'm about to ask below:


Global / Shared Symbols:


I'd like to have the ability to not only create symbols that are document specific, but in the form of a global library that can be shared or distributed in such a way that i can reference them from any document. I see the need for this in that I'd like to create libraries or packages that can be used across different teams within a company. If I update the symbols within, it would be nice to have all the symbols update accordingly provided the reference file was updated or something along those lines.


I'm not necessarily suggesting some sort of cloud storage for the symbols because it would be nice to pass the libraries around without an internet connection as an option. I'm also not keen at all on Adobe's symbol sharing mechanisms and although it "works", it's a pretty bad experience imho. 


I just feel like as powerful as symbols are, as users we can extend that power and freedom to a level in which we can have an external or global areas that can be referenced. In our company for example, we'd even like the ability to save it to a file (doesn't matter the format) it can be committed into version control and backed up however we or anyone sees fit.


In this way, creating entire design guide element collections can be grouped into either a global library or collection of categorized libraries that define an entire platform or range of products that are not tied to a single document.


Again, i'm sorry if this is a duplicate feature request. 


Thanks for your time and patience :)


Very Sincerely,

Frankie Loscavio



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After some research and experimentation it looks like the new Assets feature might suffice here. I'm still not completely sure, but the Assets panel existing across documents, accommodating symbols and allowing an export for sharing etc.. it does look incredibly useful. Below is the video I watched regarding the Assets feature in relation to the feature request I originally posted for reference.


Affinity Designer 1.5 - Assets from MacAffinityPRO - https://vimeo.com/182383667

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