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Will I have to purchase Affinity again for ipad pro ?

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I'm loving the program so far - I find it a lot nicer to use then Adobe. Just a few questions -


1. Are you guys able to give us a rough date on when you see the ipad version of affinity designer + photo will be released (im very keen) 


2. I have purchased both Affinity Designer and Photo on my mac, I no longer own a mac or pc and work exclusively from an ipad pro. Will I have to re-purchase these apps or will the licensing cross over for the ipad?



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Hi Yeh.o,


Welcome to the forums.


We are aiming to have the iOS apps released in 2017, I'm afraid we can't give a more exact date at the moment. The apps will need to be purchased as the licence isn't cross platform.



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Regarding the mobile app, since you are expoanding into Windows on desktop do you even consider moving forward with the mobile app for Android as well?

I rather have Serif focus just on two platforms only, macOS and iOS, to be honest.


We all know that they are aiming for a wider brand/product recognition by penetrating into the Windows market as well, before any version for the iPad sees the light of day. To me, this strategy has taken much of their resources without a doubt, but hey, they're looking into long-term.


I fear that going into the Android market may not be equally strategic, at least for now. Don't mean to sound selfish though, but I'd want them to release the iOS apps as soon as they can. And if it's going to be in 2017 as they've pointed out, it better be in the 1st quarter.

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