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Replace black with a color (embarrassing question!)

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Hi, I'm very sorry for asking this question but it's been driving me insane in the last 2 days.

So I have this png file of a bunch of icons, they are all black and white. I want to colorize them to make them super pretty :D


Looks like this



So I then:


1) flattened the doc just to be sure. There's only one, unlocked PIXEL layer

2) set the color format to RGB16

3) converted the ICC profile to RGB generic

4) selected a part of the (only) layer using the square selection tool

5) pressed the adjustement panel/button and selected "HSL"


.... nothing happens.


This is odd because it works just fine using a color image (I regularly change eye colors and stuff like that without any issue)

So something tells me that affinity doesn't consider black to be a color, but of course if i try to pain over the black it doens't take the aliasing into account and looks terrible. I tried 'filling' the black space with a different color and that doenst replace the black either, it just paints on top (and badly so).


So in a nutshell what i want is replace the black and all its gradients of grey that forms the antialiasiang to say, red with gradients of red. 

I hope this makes sense, again, sorry for the n00b question!

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Welcome to the forum colibri :)


There are several ways you can do this. If you want to use just one colour you could place a coloured rectangle over the icon and use the Blend If function to replace the black from the icon with the Red from the Rectangle.


If the logo has a transparent background you could use the Colour Overlay Filter Effect to change the colour.


The link is no longer working in your post but if you attach a sample icon we will be able to help you further :)

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