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Freeze on save window, font dropdown glitch, How to recover file?

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My Affinity froze with the save to file window when exporting a PNG, It has happened 3 times now. The first time I lost some unsaved work and accidentally clicked no to recovering it... (is there a way I can still recover the document?) (1.5.1 on Sierra) 

There also appears to be a glitch in my font dropdown menu... it flickers up and down when scrolling and won't select certain fonts and previously some fonts were missing but would work in the program if imported from a previous document. 


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Hi malachijubb,

Sorry to hear about your trouble :( We have updated our beta to fix a few issues with the 1.5.1 release such as the font list issue. I recommend grabbing the beta from here.


As for recovering the work, if you chose not to recover it the first time it has unfortunately been lost as there is no way to access the auto-saves. The message only appears when the app recovers from a crash. Sorry. 

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