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Scaling Friendly Corner Tool & Full Brush Stroke

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I am requesting these two features


1 - The ability to scale shapes that are using corner tool without losing their actual shape.

see this post for more details.


2- Having brushes fill the whole shape's stroke without a gap at the beginning.

see this post for more details


and thank you :)

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I second this feature request.


In many cases I can't use the corner tool in a non destructive way. I have to bake them in, which is a real shame and keeps me awake at night. (OK you got me there!).  It's inconsistent with other tools and feels like it should be a fairly simple addition???


For the kind of work I do - I'd also find a global setting such as, 'scale all widths curves and effects with objects' (overridable on a per instance) - Which would be opposite to the default functionality we have now, I believe.


Keep up the amazing work  ;)

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