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Chris Heath

No Precision When Using Handle to Rotate Objects

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I have found that when using the rotation handle on an object to rotate the object, the stated angle of rotation is not the actual angle of rotation.


To test this, I set up a document that is 200 mm x 200 mm, and drew a line from x=100, y=0 to x = 100, y=200. That is 200 mm vertical line down the centre of the canvas.


Then I

- duplicated the line using Command-J

- using the rotation handle, I rotated the line around it's centre 3 degrees

- duplicated this rotated line (Command-J)

- Command-J

- Command-J

- etc


Each time the tool's feedback gave a rotation angle of 3.0 degrees. However, the angle was less. By the time the line was duplicated/rotated to horizontal (90 degrees), the actual angle of rotation for this line from vertical was 88.8.


The grey lines in the attached screenshot are where the red lines (rotated using Command J & with rotation handle set to 3.0 degrees) should have ended up.


When setting an angle using the object's rotation handle to a whole number, e.g. 3.0 degrees, this should snap to 3.00000... degrees exactly; not 2.96 degrees.


I'm using AD 1.5, but this was a problem in earlier versions as well.


Or is there a way to snap to whole units (degrees) when using the objects rotation tool?


Angle Test.afdesign

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