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I very excited to work with Affinity Designer. It's awesome. But I would like to point out some shortcomings in GUI and workflow.

First of all, my eyes becomes tired after some time working with AD. I found a problem. It is a Layers palette. There're too many visual noise. Why need to keep checkboxes on each layer bar? Maybe it's enough to put only checkmark without box? Or reverse it: visible layers hasn't any marks and invisible has a small icon (strikethrough eye).

Then why need to keep triangle inside circle? It looks like "Play" button from audio player, not like expand/collapse icon. I like how it looks in Sketch (triangle) or even better in Photoshop (sign >). No need to keep circle, I guess. It only adds a noise.

Then I don't like to see small layer previews at left side. It's redundant in many cases. It may be helpful only when a layer is a small and simple (like icon or logo). I always turn off layer thumbnails in Photoshop. And it is very nice in Sketch. 

So maybe will be good idea to add optional things in Settings panel? Now, when I click on a small gear icon on right side of top, I see incomprehensible Blend Options, while I expect to see Layers palette settings like in Photoshop. Where I can turn off thumbnails. So, removing thumbs, circles and checkmarks will make Layers palette more useful, clear and understandable.

Also I have an issue with Esc key. It is very good idea to go up in the layers structure like in Sketch: I select an object, press Esc and now I have selected the parent group. Again Esc - and level up etc. But now Esc just deselects the object. It is not right paradigm, it's outdated. I like Sketch's workflow. It's very simple and useful. Please make like it, don't look what Adobe's doing.



p.s. Sorry for ugly English.

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