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Separate blending modes for stroke and fill (and opacity too!)?

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Is it possible to assign separate blend modes for an object stroke and fill with Affinity Designer? For instance I'd like to apply a blend mode of Multiply to the black fill of a rectangle but want to leave the white stroke color as normal.


I have this same question for opacities as well. I ask because I'm able to do this in Illustrator and use it all the time. If there is another way of approaching this in Designer w/o having to duplicate the object (one for fill and one for stroke), please enlighten. Thanks!

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Hi fatfreemedia,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

1. Not directly, but you can set the layer blend mode of the rectangle layer to Multiply then apply an Outline FX to add the stroke (raster) and keep its Blend mode as Normal.

2. Yes, you can set the opacity for the Fill and Stroke colours independently. In the color panel, on the fill/stroke switcher on top select the fill (filled circle) and set the opacity for the colour on the Opacity slider on the bottom of the panel, then change to the stroke colour clicking on the "stroked" circle on the switcher and do the same to change the opacity of the stroke colour.

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