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Anyone experiencing crashes in Photo where you don't even get the usual "Affinity Photo crashed unexpectedly..." message?


I've been doing quite a bit of drawing with the brush tool  and have had 6 of them over the last two days which also causes me to lose work I haven't saved [luckily I save often but still] and no recovery file available.


Some info:


iMac late 2009, 27" 2.8 Core i7, 8GB, ATI Radeon HD 4850 512 MB

OS X 10.11.6


Have been using it mainly on my Cintiq21UX and somehow I have a feeling it happens when I use the "eraser" part of my stylus. So using the brush as normal, turn over the stylus to erase something, Not 100% sure about it, must keep an eye on it.


I've included the crash reports from the last 2 days if they are any help.















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