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Artboards and Layers Cluttering and usability

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As i started to try to create more complex projects in Designer, i quickly realized the current implementation of Artboards and Layers are less then ideal.

For example managing Artboards in the layers panel is so utterly slow and overcomplicated that i completely stopped using the layers panel.


I have a pretty complex webpage duplicated 4-5 times, (cause im testing different solutions side-by-side, and offcourse im sending multiple versions to the client.)

Each Artboard have hundreds and hundreds of groups and layers. At this point even just searching in the layers panel and opening groups etc.. slows down the computer, sometimes it halts for seconds.

If i have one artboard expanded, and i jump to another to work on, i have like 26 pages of layers open already, which is pretty unmanagable.


I cannot think of a single reason why ALL artboards are stacked accross layers?

If i drag something to another artboard on the layers panel, it will just disappear from the first artboard. - Absolutely nouse for this. (or show me an example)

So that ruled out, it seems it's completely useless to have all the artboards layers cosntantly cluttering the workspace.

It's like working on a 10 page document, where all the elements are listed all the time.


You only work on one artboard at a time, to me that is the whole point of having artboards. To free yourself of excess shit.


So at least there should be an option to check, that only shows the currently selected artboard's layers.



I've read in the roadmap that there is a plan to implement "showing currently selected object in layer panel"

Meanwhile I could very much do with a shortcut to "Find in Layers Panel"


While im here, you should consider these options for this (i have these programmed as an extension to Fireworks, and i use them every minute)

  • Collapse all layers (shortcut)
  • Automatically collapse all layers except currently selected objects in layer panel (toggle option for show current selection - and/or shortcut)



I have shitloads of workflow ideas (as i'm in UX/UI design myself),  but im sure you had enough of me already.


Take care

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There should be an option to check, that only shows the currently selected artboard’s layers.

Ability to rename artboard by double clicking on name.

Ability to rename artboard or selected objects by double clicking on context toolbar name.


Great ideas …  :)

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