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Option for layer/object slice to include non-layer objects

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New to Affinity so apologies if this is already possible (if so please tell me how!). Searched the interface and forums but came up with nothing.


I think it would be nice if slices created from layers, artboards or shapes could be optionally made to inlcude adjustment layers and generally objects not grouped under the object that defines the slice. Right now custom slices (the ones that I draw directly on the artboard in the Export persona) show the effects of adjustment layers, but layer-based slices don't if the adjustment layer is not under the layer that defines the slice.


Here's my real-life example: I have an AD file with sprites I made for a game, about 100 of them, which I export through slices. I use shape-based slices because they adapt to my shapes automatically and I don't need to fix them when I resize or move the sprites (which is a lot). Late in development I noticed the colors are off on all the sprites compared to the rest of the game, so I added just two or three adjustment layers on top of everything and it looks much better now. This is where trouble starts: the adjustment layers have no effect on the images exported by my slices. The slices only export the base shapes, as if the adjustment layers on top of them didn't exist. The slices only "see" the adjustment layers if the adjustments are grouped under the layer from which the slice is generated, but this setup is not practical as I would need to add 200 or 300 adjustment layers, and modifying the colors again would be a nightmare.

In fact non-layer object visibility could be a per-slice export setting just like file format and compression, this way we could have two slice export formats - one with and one without adjustments, background objects etc. I suppose that implementing this would be failry easy as the functionality is clearly there, just needs to be exposed to the user.

Cheers and keep up the good work on this program!

Disclaimer: I like AD and respect its creators. I only criticize it because I want to make it better.

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