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When I was using photoshop I was able to buy Kyle Webster custom brushes. These don't work in Affinity. What do I use for custom brushes? Are there natural looking brushes that come with affinity or that can be purchased? I'm really concerned about how I'm going to draw, paint and erase to look like art rather than computer obvious stuff.


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Welcome to the forum Aselki :)


The Kyle Webster brushes are actually Tool Presets. These will not work with our apps. However, Photoshop Brush Presets, .abr, can be used with Affinity Photo. You will also find Affinity Photo brushes to download in the Resources section. Also, check out some of Paolo's brushes, they're great :)

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Thank you for the mention Leigh!



You can find more free stuff here


Comics Basic Set

Pretty simple, with some inks and layout tools




Go here to grab it


Concept Tools

Designed for speed, some of these allow a painterly effect too.




Get your FREE brush set





Well, the aim is pretty clear... 


daub-blenders-stroke-sheet-email.jpgGet your FREE blender set



AffinityPhoto embeds 5 sets of natural media (Watercolours, Gouaches, Inks...) that are perfectly usable in Designer too.

Also, this is my first commercial set, named DAUB Pigmento.




Can find it here, including a promo code for forum users.



More sets will follow...  :)

The white dog, making tools for artists, illustrators and doodlers

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