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Yesterday i've tried for the first time on PC, and was really impressed with Designer - really good work, even for the beta.


Today i found that i'm unable to change the font in yesterday's file: every time i'm clicking the font list at the top left toolbar, it randomly moves the mouse cursor back and forth between current font at the top and font in the list, making it impossible to do anything with text.


Besides, if i'm clicking just some random font - it's not changing text at all.



Here's short demo video: youtube.com/watch?v=21rny-gMu68


Rolled back to - and fonts is ok now.



PS: That's why please, do not implement auto updates. Or let user control them like in windows - "notify/download updates, but let used decide when to install"

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Yes, major fonts problem with .19 release. I'm unable to select any font except the default Arial.



You can workaround with pressing "enter" to select the font that you currently have selected/highlighted with the mouse.


Additionally I have a "jumpback to top" sometimes when scrolling with the mousewheel throught the list of fonts.

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RAM: 64 GB                                                   RAM: 32 GB

GPU: RTX 3080 TI                                         GPU: NVIDIA Quadro M2000M 4 GB

SSD: Samsung 980 PRO 1 TB                       SSD: Samsung 850 Pro 500GB

OS: Windows 11 Edu x64                               OS: Windows 10 x64

TFT: 1 x Samsung C49RG94SSU                  TFT: 2 x Lenovo

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With the latest update I can not assign or change the font and size of it. I can only work with Arial. Version .18 to .19 I have not added new sources to the system or anything. Does anyone feel the same?


I attached video (sorry for the background music)

Capture 01.wmv

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Build 20 has been released. Grab it here and it will fix the font issue. 

Edit - It looks like the Character tab causes it to break again so please close this for the context toolbar to work,


Edit #2 - corrected Character tab issue in build 21 now linked.

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