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Can't open Canon 5D Mark 4 Raw photo normally

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I just bought a new 5D mark 4, tried took some raw photos today. However, when I opened these photos with Affinity photo, they can't show normally while they can show normally in Google drive and Lightroom.


So, I guess this is a software issue. I am using Affinity 1.4.3, anyone also has this problem and how should I solve it? Thanks!

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Hi pyzhangyi,


Welcome to the forums.


Not sure if our developers can include support for it's new technology, such as dual-focus before we release our 1.5 updates. Luckily Photo can use Apple's RAW engine, so if Apple include support for it before we update our RAW engine Photo will still be able to open the files, simply by switching the RAW engine over in the Develop Persona.





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