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Affinity Designer experience while using Astropad

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Does anyone have experience using Affinity Designer with the aid of Astropad?  Specifically, I would like to know how AD looks on the 9.7" iPad Pro.


Thanks one and all.

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Astropad has improved a lot recently - I happily use it on my iPad Pro (12.9") now with Affinity Designer. If you make sure you get Affinity 1.5 (currently in Beta), go to the preferences and choose 'Retina Rendering: High Quality' from the 'Performance' section, that will give you the best screen updates on Astropad (at the expense of everything being a tiny bit slower than normal). When you zoom and pan you'll see lots of artefacts in Astropad because of the way that it works - this may initially discourage you, but if you ignore that and actually try to use the software to achieve a task, you'll find that the screen looks good, it's very usable and the Apple Pencil input works brilliantly - I actually prefer using it to my Wacom Cintiq 13HD!


Opinions are my own, obviously, and you may not get along with it, but I'm definitely a happy customer.




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I work with an iPad Mini 2 and a Mid 2010 Mac Pro/Mac OS Sierra. I use Affinity Designer. I´m about to buy a Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus 2, because Wacom do this tools for a long time and also because the Apple stylus will not work with my iPad Mini 2.

Can I expect to use Astropad with Affinity Designer plus this Wacom Stylus with success? Any opinions are very welcome :)

Thanks a lot.


P.s. its nice to know that Astropad works both with Affinity Designer and Photo .-)


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I’ve started trying Affinity Designer with Astropad Standard today on my macbook pro 13 2017 + ipad pro 9,7”. And it’s been amazing!

I was try to get used with Autodesk Graphic, that is pretty reliable and precise on iOs. So my expectation using Astropad was very high! But it was Really easy to set up the workspace. I was afraid about the 9,7” be too small for such use... but definitely it’s pretty good! I’m very surprised with so fluid workflow. Almost zero lagging!  I worked around 3 hours on a logo design project. And zero problems at all, no crashes, no bugs...

better than this just... AD for iOs... looking forward! :P

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