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In all the time I've been on dribbble I haven't received invitations (I'd have to work harder XD) but recently recently received this link to submit, good luck! 




Hey guys, does anyone have any invites?

I'm just a hobbyist but it'd be super nice to finally get rid of Adobe completely :-)


Here is my profile on Adobe Portfolio: http://mission.myportfolio.com/

and here is my Dribbble account: https://dribbble.com/mission



Art, music & design.


FB | IG | TW | BH | DB




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Just saw this - 



If anyone has a dribbble invite, I'd really appreciate one myself (username: wordsberry). Really want to publish stuff and put it online and the UI of dribble really appeals to me :D

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Hey all ! I am Chris and I am studying graphic design ; for now I am focused on branding and illustration

A few days ago I submitted my work for a dribbble meetup event and unexpectly my work got exposure and I receive an Invitation to Dribble community .

So 2 days ago, I made my first shot . If you're already a part of this community , do not hesitate to mention it so we may follow each other.


Link of the shot : https://dribbble.com/shots/3993697-Hello-Dribbble


My social pages : https://www.addme.fun/chris


Obviously made with affinity designer_

I am also planning to do affinity designer mockups in apparel domain in the incoming year.


Have a nice day !

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On 10/28/2015 at 8:52 PM, Barry Mieny said:

If anyone still has invites, please consider drafting me. https://dribbble.com/barrymienyand my portfolio is at http://barry.mieny.com. I'm just now getting back into more design work after a few years of basically only doing development work.


Same for me, I am going back more into Design, since I have a partner now who does the coding.

If somebody has an invite it would be highly appreciated. Much of iPad Designwork with AP are waiting to share B|

My Accountlink: https://dribbble.com/pixelcode_ger





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