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How do I make a document open at previous size/position in Separated Mode?

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When using AD in Separated Mode, I can't get a previously saved document's window--that I've sized and positioned on the screen in the exact position I want it located relative to the Studio panels--to reopen in either the same position relative to the panels it was previously or at the same size that it was. Only the panels reappear in their former position (as I'm guessing their location information is attached to the application rather than a particular document).


The first image below is what I want the screen setup to look like; the second shows what happens after quitting and reopening the document:







How can I maintain the document window's identical position and size in the Separated view each time I reopen it?

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Hi Dashing Dave,


Unfortunately its not possible to change a documents default settings for things such as Zoom,Position and Separated Mode however we have had a few feature requests for the ability to do this in the past and so this feature may be considered for future updates :)



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Hi I'll also ad my name to this request, it was a feature in FreeHand that I really appreciated,

I'm on a Mac too and I would love to see this feature included in future versions

Thank you

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