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I work with png files with transparency.  Currently, the only way I know to make an image with transparent edges is to select part of a non-transparent image, cut it out, and paste it in a new image.  But once it's there, I cannot make more parts of it transparent.


Is there a way to use normal drawing tools to edit the alpha channel of an image?  (This is not the same as drawing with transparency, as that only affects the SOURCE alpha, not the destination (background) alpha).  What I'd like to do is be able to directly change the background's alpha layer and paint "transparency" onto an image.  I've tried drawing with only the alpha channel visible, but it didn't work.


Any advice is appreciated.  


Great job on Affinity Photo - I love the updates.

- Jeff 


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Hi jdiamond,


You can apply transparency using different methods, ones I've used in the past are:


1, Using the Selection brush, selected your area, and hit delete, this will simply remove the selected area.


2, Again using the Selection Brush or Quick Mask option, create your area, then click Refine on the toolbar. Now you can refine the selection if required, Using the Selection menu you can choose to create a Mask or a new Mask Layer.


3, You can also simply use the Erase Brush Tool, changing the opacity, flow and hardness of the brush.

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