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Denoise Filter doesn't affect the image as shown in preview (Affinity Photo)

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Hey guys,


I just noticed a strange behavior when using the denoise filter (found in Filters  Noise  Denoise)


In my case, I was working with an image which has dimensions of 3264x2448:


When using the Denoiser and dialing in quite extreme values for the luminance parameter, the in-app-preview shows me the desired effect, but as soon as I hit "apply", Affinity Photo takes time to render the effect, and after calculating, the result is very different to what the preview showed me. In all of the experienced cases, the final effect is much weaker than the preview showed me.


If you have problems to reproduce this behavior, please let me know. I can then provide the image and the steps that make the problem clearly visible.


Best regards,


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thanks for the quick response!


You are right, I wasn't in original size view, it was zoomed to 25%.


In original size, the preview and result are afaict identical!


Though, when viewing the image at 25%, the denoiser-preview looked much more interesting/clean. I guess the algorithm uses less precision for scanning, using only a quarter of the image material? Is there a chance to "provoke" these results on any other way? I'd love to get this kind of noise removal / smoothing for my images! :D 

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