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colours sketch vs affinity sRGB

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hi guys,


Im a UI/Ux designer, a really hate making illustrations in sketch so I do that in affinity designer.

the problem is when I import my vector into sketch, the colours go all weird.

(see attachment)


I found out the both sketch AND affinty use sRGB, so i dont know why.

Affinity has some settings I can tweak but non seem to help, and sketch just uses sRGB.




is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?


Cheers, guys.


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Hi jasonteunissen,

Can you try the latest Beta (1.5 Beta 14) please?

I believe this is working correctly there.

You must keep the Mac App Store installed to be able to run/validate the Beta. Also note that files created or saved with the Beta are not compatible with previous versions. 

Alternatively you may want to wait for the next Mac App Store update (around October if everything goes well).

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Hi jasonteunissen,


I just had a quick look at this with one of the colours you've used... I tested with the current 1.5 Beta of Affinity.


I created a RGB8 document with sRGB profile, made a rectangle in colour RGB(255,167,47) and exported to SVG. The exported colour in the SVG file is written out as "style="fill:rgb(255,167,47);""


I tried a few screenshots next and used Digital Color Meter to see what was happening:


Affinity 1.5









I also tried PhotoShop, Autodesk Graphic and Safari, all of which reported the correct 255,167,47 sRGB value.


The only discrepancy was in Sketch, so I'm not sure what I can do to fix that? I've attached my simple SVG for your reference...






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Do this simple test: Make a rectangle in Sketch RGB(105,196,40) - a rich green - and now export it as SVG. Open it in Safari and view the two side-by-side. They aren't the same colour. Using the Digital Color Meter tool you can see that if you query the sRGB values on the display that Safari is correct, but if you query the 'native' values then Sketch is correct.

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thx MattP

I did some small reseach and found that on the digital color meter you can view the colors in sRGB or "native"

so im not quite sure what the difference is.


edit: cant add tables in here, just view the link instead.




is there a way to align these values in some sense?

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