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Ghost line & Export area can't match the object.

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I found a ___ bugs.

It all found from 1.4.2 and also in Beta 12.


1.Ghost Line



if it just only show the white line in AD, it's great! (help me know there is no outline)

But, it also keep the white line in export file, whatever it's svg or jpg.




2.Export area can't match the object.

My all objects are 50x50



but use auto slice will...



It also come with Artboard, like 1024x768 will give me 1025x768.



And, thanks for your work, I really love Affinity!!!

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Hi JerryLin,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

Can you please upload the .afdesign file so we can check this out?

If you don't want to post it publicly you can PM me the link or use this one to upload it directly to my Dropbox account.

All files will be deleted after being inspected.


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Hi JerryLin,

Thanks for the file.

The "ghost lines" are a side effect of the way Affinity and other software renders objects on screen when their edges overlap. Please take a look at MattP's post for more details.

To work around this you can place a rectangle with a colour (gradient) similar to the foreground just to hide the "hairlines". Alternatively you can also add a thin stroke to each one of the bands with the same colour as the fill to hide them.


Regarding the slices, the coordinates (X,Y) of each rectangle below the number/symbol of the calculator (and eventually other elements in your design) for example are not integer values. The iPhone artboard coordinates (X,Y) also presents same issue (Y=178.5px). You can check this in the Transform panel on the bottom right of the interface. That's is why the slices generated automatically don't have the correct sizes. You must ensure their coordinates and dimensions all use integer values. When creating UI projects make sure you have Force Pixel Alignment enabled in the Snapping Manager (menu View ▸ Snapping Manager...) to avoid those problems. 

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