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I am using AD to do some inking illustrations and it's doing the best job. better than Ai.

However there is one little thing that hinders the work.

When drawing with pen tool I don't always need to close a path (eg drawing a human figure)

But after finishing one stroke as you move far away to start new stroke it automatically joins to the last point.


In Ai what I would do is hit the shortcut 'p' on keyboard and I am able to draw a new stroke without closing the previous



in AD as a workaround now after drawing a stroke with pen tool (unclosed path) I click 'v' for move tool and then click anywhere on canvas to get

rid of the continuous path, and then again clicking 'p' for

pen tool to draw new stroke.

This adds 2 new steps and when you have to draw a lot it is kind of annoying and slowing you down.


Is it possible to refresh the pen tool by clicking p so it drops the existing stoke and you are ready to draw new stroke.


I hope I am able to explain. Let me know if I am missing any setting for this.( eg. keep path selected).


Think of drawing something as simple as the attached jpg.


thanks and regards,



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