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Set Tools to Respect Canvas Orientation?

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Forgive me if this has already been addressed. I did some looking, but couldn't find anything.


In AD, is there a way to make tools such as align (object), text tool, and nudge respect the current rotation of the canvas with regard to creation and manipulation?


I'm sure it's no easy task, and understand why the program would behave this way—respecting the object's coord/origin according to the artboard—but it just seems counterintuitive at times.


Don't get me wrong, the ability to rotate the canvas is fantastic, especially when it comes to packaging work, but not being able to manipulate objects in an intuitive way when the canvas is rotated counteracts the benefit a little.


Thanks!  :)

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Hi JonathanBall,


It isn't possible to get the Align tool to work with the rotation of your canvas I'm afraid. However I do feel this would make a great addition to the app so I am moving this thread to the Feature Requests section as that section is monitored more closely for ideas for future updates :)



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